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As an exclusive residential complex, Bristol at Parkway Place provides all residents with access to top-notch security and a wide array of facilities and amenities. Residents passing through the private gate will be greeted by a circular drive that houses an impressive water feature every day, along with a grand reception that sets the tone for a majestic residential experience. There is a landscaped al-fresco retail strip and a selection of boutique shops and restaurants on the ground floor. This retail promenade provides an evolving entertainment landscape and a convenient hub for residents to see to all their needs for dining, retail therapy and social meet and greets.

The building includes a library that doubles as a study hall for everyone to finish their reading list, and for students to complete their homework or attend a study session with a private tutor. Fun and festivities can be had at the Function Room, which can accommodate lively parties and private events, as well as sombre business-related gatherings. Meanwhile, guests and visitors can benefit from the cinematic comforts of the Entertainment/Media room during a movie night. On the other hand, the Meditation Yoga Deck provides opportunities for solitude, introspection, meditation and relaxation. 

Bristol at Parkway Place also features a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a landscape pool deck, a tree courtyard, a fitness center, and a children’s gym. Residents can access their unit via two high-speed passenger elevators; there is also one freight/service elevator that can be used to transport heavy furniture.  There is also a centralized mailroom, a building administration office, a building maintenance room, a driver’s lounge and integrated multi-level basement parking that makes parking a breeze, while ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

The building includes an automatic fire alarm, an automatic smoke and heat detection system, an automatic fire sprinkler system, pressurized fire exit stairs, a fire storage tank and a fire pump system, and a dry standpipe that connects to the fire department (thus ensuring your safety and the safety of your possessions in the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak). With a 24-hour security center, you can take your mind off safety concerns once you drive past the entrance gate.

  • Swimming pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Tree courtyard
  • Function hall
  • Fitness center
  • Aspen lift lobby
  • Children's gym play
  • Elegant water feature
  • Grand reception
  • Private circular driveway
  • Meditative yoga deck
  • Library
  • Entertainment center
  • Bristol lift lobby
  • Commercial units
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